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ム (mu) – Katakana


– Pronounced as the Japanese ‘mu’. Imagine a cow quietly going ‘moo’. Pronounce the two o’s as if in the word ‘cool’.


む, in hiragana, or ム in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora. The hiragana is made in three strokes, while the katakana in two. It represents nothingness, or the state of oblivion upon death, if written alone.


Mnemonic 1: This picture shows someone’s arm bent at the elbow. Now imagine a (frightfully rude) person using their elbow to barge their way through a crowd, shouting “Move outta the way!”

Mnemonic 2: Imagine that this is a hammer that someone is holding, they’re ‘moving’ their arm with the hammer.

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