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ほ (ho) – Hiragana


– Pronounced as the Japanese ‘ho’. Sounds closest to the English ‘ho’ as in ‘hot’.


ほ, in hiragana, or ホ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora.


Mnemonic 1: Remember the mnemonics of the person standing on his head, and the other person sitting to the right laughing? Well things have become even more funny! The person laughing has decided to join in the fun and put a hot piece of metal on his head. You can hear him laughing even louder, whilst also feeling the pain from the heat, which he seems to find quite funny! ‘Ho ho ho ho!’ he is saying.

Mnemonic 2: Here is that exploding thermometer again. This is a closeup of the base of the thermometer; the bulb has burst because it is so ‘hot’. The two horizontal strokes are part of the scale printed on the thermometer. The curl in the bottom right is a shard of mangled glass.

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