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へ (he/e) – Hiragana


– Pronounced as the Japanese ‘he’. Sounds closest to the English ‘e’ as in ‘get’, with a soft ‘h’ in front of it – making ‘he’. When used as a particle, its pronunciation can take on just the sound of ‘e’ alone.


へ, in hiragana, or ヘ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Both symbols are almost identical in one stroke and represent ‘he’. When used as a particle, the kana can take on the pronunciation of ‘e’.


Mnemonic 1: A big strong guy (or a small strong guy, like Bruce Lee) bends an iron bar into this shape. He bends it with such ease that he chuckles to himself while doing so: “heh heh”.

Mnemonic 2: Imagine this is an arrow, pointing upwards towards ‘heaven’.

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